acoustic  extra terrestrial  electronic  ambient  flutes 

Multi-lingual, metaphysical, extraterrestrial. Organic instruments and electronic discernment. Great for rainy days and astral projections

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Liner Notes

CELESTIAL's most acoustic and organic work so far, with emphasis on flutes, strings, world percussion and ambience. The electronic elements are subtle while the acoustic textures tell the story. Inspired by indigenous cultures around the world and their tales of spiritual origins from The Pleiades.


p.s. These tracks are meant to be heard with gapless playback after being downloaded. Streaming online is ok for sampling but not recommended for full album playback.

[99 Tracks; 77 Minutes]


Cello, flutes, harp, guitars (acoustic, electric, classical, 12-string, fretless, and synth-guitars), basses, piano, oud (Arabic lute), charango (Peruvian fretted chordophone), mandolin, electric mandola, ukulele, quena y quenacho (Andean flutes), moseño (Barinote flute from Lake Titicaca), duduk (Armenian clarinet), tenor and alto saxophones, didgeridoo, violin, cajón (Afro-Peruvian Landó drum), congas, tabla (Indian Classical membranophone), quijada (donkey jaw), drums, percussion, bells, electronics, keys, pads, programming, field recordings


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