Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2012)

electronic  acoustic  abstract  impressionism  world music 

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (2012)
Science Fiction narrative, acoustic instruments, electronic production. Progressive, Genre-inventing

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Liner Notes

Multi-Instrumentalist and producer, Celestial Ceiling returns with his 3rd studio album. After having spent two full years in the studio perfecting every detail. This is the album where Celestial Ceiling truly stands out as a producer, bringing the more upfront electronic techniques to the surface and highlighting the acoustic textures in more detail and richness than anything heard prior.

Where 2010's "The Discovery of Life on Mars" was blurred and ambient in its atmospheric production, "Close Encounters" is highly pronounced and deliberate, with more articulated instrumentations and electronic artifacts.

According to a recent radio interview, Celestial Ceiling (who's real name is still unknown) claims that nearly all sounds on the record are "natural instruments put through the blender" which come out sounding electronic.

Some of the most energized futuristic rhythms live on this record and compliment some of Celestial's more delicate acoustic, organic passages as well, covering broad field of view while retaining a very strong narrative.

The record begins with retro recordings reminiscent of old fashioned radio dramas from the 40s about a world in distress and the heroic plans to save Earth. Instrumental soundscapes do most of the storytelling, with few interspaced moments of dialogue. Where the sci-fi space drama begins with grand fantasy, it ends with tender humanity, almost touching in its beauty. "I've spent a lifetime in the search of truth and knowledge, trying to make this world a better place... Is there no man on this Earth who has the wisdom and innocence of a child?..."

Stand out tracks are "The Celestial Codex," "The Gates of Alcyon," and "Three Days of Darkness" the later has been getting some late-night airplay on Miami radio stations. This album is a bold statement and clearly shows Celestial Ceiling stepping into a new level of maturity, defining a new place in contemporary instrumental music

Rating (9.3) Piitchfork music - Best New Album


Guitars, harp, cello, flutes, charango, piano, keys, bells, electronics, synth guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion, drums, tablas, pads, strings, saxophones, didgeridoo, programming, effects, field recordings


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