Celestial Ceiling

Avantgarde from The Pleiades

Tags  Celestial Ceiling  instrumental  improvised  electronic  acoustic  abstract  impressionism  extraterrestrial  contactee  channeled music  world music  meditative  healing music  The Pleiades 

The music of the future/ancient past


Legend has it that the origin story of Celestial Ceiling began in 2008 after it’s founding member was contacted by a supposed “legion of higher-dimensional, extraterrestrial beings of light” who impulsed him to produce electronic music with acoustic instruments.
Dreamy post-rock//acoustic textures//shoegazer electronics//minimalist patterns//
world instruments//primordial/futuristic--The music of Celestial Ceiling seems to be the instrumental soundtrack to some Sci-fi journey through ancient lost history and a transcendental voyage through the universe.


Harp, guitars (acoustic, electric, 12-string, fretless, synth), keys, piano, cello, bass, trumpet, oud, charango, mandolin, mandola, ukulele, flutes, quena, quenacho, moseño, duduk, tenor and alto saxophones, bamboo sax, didgeridoo, violin, cajon, conga, tablas, drums, percussion, electronics, pads, programming, field recordings




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